La Merced is a 501C3 nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers, from all walks of life,   who have united for the common goal of helping our neighbors abroad.  We have been focusing on Nicaragua.  Our goals are to produce a long-lasting impact on the access and quality of healthcare there and to deepen mutual understanding between our two nations.


 June 2017 medical mission

Under the leadership of Veronique Diriker, our visit was a complete success.


Roberto Clemente Clinic
Cynthia Rilling and sister Conchita supervised operations in the clinic.  Kent Rilling and the team provided patients with steroid injections for relief of arthritic joint pain.  Geoffrey Saunders and the team performed minor general surgical procedures.  Christopher Pellegrino and the team performed minor plastic surgery procedures.  Students and professors from University of Maryland Eastern Shore distributed medications critical for the management of diseases ranging from high blood pressure to diabetes.

Mascota Hospital for Children
Doctor Pellegrino and his Nicaraguan colleagues operated on children with cleft lip and other congenital deformities.

Roberto Calderon Hospital
Doctor Geoffrey Saunders performed laparoscopic surgical procedures on patients with appendicitis, diseased gall bladders, and other intra-abdominal ailments.

Alleman Hospital
Dr. Pellegrino and his Nicaraguan colleagues performed breast reconstruction for females with breast cancer.

At a makeshift clinic at Tipitapa, under the direction of Melissa Campbell and Kent Rilling, the La Merced team, including the UMES group, treated patients throughout the entire week.


Members of La Merced visited and shared with poor families in Managua.


Thank you for your support, and God bless you.



Many of the images on this web site are compliments of Cheryl Nemazie, who was an integral member of our La Merced team