La Merced is a 501C3 nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers, from all walks of life, who have united for the common goal of helping our neighbors abroad.  We have been focusing on Nicaragua.  Our goals are to produce a long-lasting impact on the access and quality of healthcare there and to deepen mutual understanding between our two nations.

Under the leadership of Veronique Diriker, our next medical mission was ready to launch in June of this year.  However, based on the current unrest in Nicaragua, our La Merced team very recently made the difficult decision to postpone  the  trip to a later date (January or June 2019).  We are heartbroken that we will not be able to serve our patients this summer.  Medical providers here in the US and in Nicaragua have been working on the trip since fall.  We want to thank this year’s team for their commitment and hard work. Geoffrey H Saunders, David Nilsen, Kent Rilling, Cynthia Garcia Rilling,Kevin Cacela, Bart Anderson, Veronique Diriker, Sylvie Foley, Bradley Long, Andrew Bensted, Hayden Eustler, Alyssa Springer, Antonio Romero, Careen Franklin, Joshua Atere, Nathan Nilsen, Ike Nilsen, and Nicholas Rilling.

All donations from our supporters will be used to support next year’s trip.

We pray for PEACE and justice in our beloved Nicaragua.


Thank you for your support, and God bless you.



Many of the images on this web site are compliments of Cheryl Nemazie, who was an integral member of our La Merced team