June, 2016 Medical Mission:

We are happy to announce our June mission was very successful.   Under the leadership of Veronique Diriker, the La Merced team treated over 320 patients and touch the lives of the poorest families in Managua, Nicaragua.


Patients in the Roberto Clemente Clinic arrived with problems ranging from sebaceous cysts to severely arthritic shoulders.  Our medical providers removed over 100 of such lesions and  injected over 300 joints.


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In the hospital, the La Merced team performed knee replacements on  twenty patients who otherwise never would be able to walk again without excruciating pain.   And, patients with crippling hand disorders underwent corrective hand surgery.


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In community outreach, La Merced visited the poorest families in the barrio, Tipitapa and at El Faro, and distributed medical supplies and treated patients according to need.

Through the Neo Fund, La Merced has made a $500 donation to El Faro, a ministry and long-term community established for the most destitute children in Managua.  This donation resulted from a grant awarded to Paulina Erices and Veronique Diriker.


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Every member of the 2016 traveling brigade said experience in Nicaragua was overwhelming and very rewarding, and each of them plan on returning. Currently the organization is developing missions for January and June of 2017.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating. Click the “Take action” button on the menu above. If you would like to make a donation, please click the donate button below.

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Many of the images on this web site are compliments of Cheryl Nemazie, who was an integral member of our La Merced team