La Merced is a 501C3 nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers, from all walks of life,   who have united for the common goal of helping our neighbors abroad.  We have been focusing on Nicaragua.  Our goals are to produce a long-lasting impact on the access and quality of healthcare there and to deepen mutual understanding between our two nations.

Next mission:  June, 2017.  The schedule for our traveling brigade of twenty-one will be broad and rigorous:

  • At Mascota Hospital for Children our plastic surgery team we will perform reconstructive surgery on children with congenital deformities, ranging from cleft lip and palate to syndactyly (fused fingers).
  • At the Hospital Aleman Nicaraguense, our plastic surgery team will perform breast reconstruction on women who have lost one or both breasts to cancer and other forms of reconstructive surgery for the treatment of complicated wounds.
  • At Roberto Calderon Hospital, our general surgery team will perform complex laparoscopic surgeries on patient with ailments involving the abdomen.
  • At the Roberto Clemente Clinic our multi-specialty team will treat arthritic shoulders and knees with steroid injections, perform minor procedures in plastic surgery and provide wound care.
  • At the landfill, we will administer over a hundred vaccinations.
  • Our Community Outreach Division will visit and share with the poor.

Thank you for your support, and God bless  you.



Many of the images on this web site are compliments of Cheryl Nemazie, who was an integral member of our La Merced team