La Merced is a 501C3 nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers, from all walks of life,   who have united for the common goal of helping our neighbors abroad.  We have been focusing on Nicaragua.  Our goals are to produce a long-lasting impact on the access and quality of healthcare there and to deepen mutual understanding between our two nations.   Information regarding our next trip is below.

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Next mission: January 2017

The January 2017 mission is now fully planned.

Tina Perrotta will serve as team leader.
Tentative agenda:

  • We will perform general dentistry in the Roberto Clemente Clinic. Well over a hundred patients await our visit.
  • We will perform physical therapy on adults in the Roberto Clemente Clinic and in the Clinic for children with cerebral palsy.
  • We will perform breast reconstruction on patients who have lost their breast(s) to cancer and those scheduled for mastectomy.  We also will perform minor procedures in the Roberto Clemente Clinic.
  • We will perform corrective surgery for patients with deformities and/or impaired function due to incomplete healing or lack of healing of fractures unsuccessfully repaired months or years ago.
  • The Community Outreach division will visit homes and distribute medical and schools supplies to the poor
  • The Community Outreach division will run a soccer camp for children in barrio.
  • Lastly, some members of our Brigade will travel to Chinandega to work with Amigos for Christ in building water systems and homes for the poor.

Very exciting for La Merced is its new collaboration with the School of Nursing of Salisbury University. Under the direction of Mary DiBartolo, nursing students Alison Farmer and Kristen Murphy will assist with patient care and education. In addition, Ms. DiBartolo will provide a formal presentation on Alzheimer’s Disease to the medical community.

Many of the images on this web site are compliments of Cheryl Nemazie, who was an integral member of our La Merced team