2010 Traveling Brigade

Medical Mission – June 2010

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Mascota Hospital for Children

With assistance from Dr. Geraldo Mejia (director of Mascota Hospital), the Nicaraguan Government provided La Merced an operating room for three full days.

La Merced surgeons, Vincent Perrotta, Christopher Pellegrino, Dorianela Arguello and Armondo Siu performed 23 life-changing surgeries. The conditions treated included cleft lip, cleft palate, syndactyly, meningomyelocele, fistula’s of the nose, omphalocele, large hemangiomas and other congenital deformities.

Lab studies for these surgeries were funded by the Rotary of Salisbury, the Lion’s Club of Salisbury, Bethany Methodist Church in Berlin and residents of the entire Delmarva Peninsula.

La Merced delivered surgical supplies donated by Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, Delaware Valley Surgical Supply, PSS World Medical, Nixon Linens, Community Pharmacy, Peninsula Regional Medical Center and the Center for Aesthetic Surgery.

Roberto Clemente Clinic and Community Outreach

Under the guidance of Dr. Richard McCann, the La Merced team established a dental clinic and treated 146 patients in need of dental work. The dental chair, equipment and supplies, purchased with La Merced funds, will serve the barrio throughout the entire year and beyond. Septodont donated the dental supplies.

In the plastic surgery clinic (established last year by La Merced) Drs. Perrotta and Pellegrino performed small procedures on 128 patients in need of plastic surgery.

La Merced delivered a culposcope and medical supplies all donated by Dr. Bruce and Diane Winnacott A culcoscope is vital for the early diagnosis of pre-cancerous changes of the cervix in women.

Dennis Haley, Mark McIver and Joseph Serpe revised the HVAC system to supply more air-conditioning to the dental clinic. They also erected a wall with doorway.

Through La Merced’s new sponsorship program for the soup kitchen, Delmava residents currently provide daily lunch for six children for an entire year.

La Merced delivered suitcases full of supplies for the Marilac School.

Through La Merced, Delmarva residents now sponsor twelve students–covering tuition, books and uniforms for a year.

Through La Merced’s patient sponsorship program, Delmava residents provided the funding for diagnostic studies and post-operative medications for nineteen patients who underwent surgery at Mascota Hospital and seven patients in the Roberto Clemente Clinic.

Many of these patients and their families travel very far to receive treatment. Families must live in the hallways and on the hospital campus because they have no where to go. With donations from our generous contributors La Merced assists these families with some food and water while they wait for the children’s surgery.

Our student volunteers love helping these families and patients as well. During our visit they offer small gifts of crayons, toys and stickers. They also enjoy wearing funny hats and glasses to cheer up not only our patients but many throughout the hospital.


La Merced’s 2010 Traveling Team (alphabetically):

James Blackwell – Professional Linguist, Interpreter

Shirley Blackwell – Career Educator

Jessica Conick – College Student, Salisbury University

Stacy Guy, RN – ER & Surgical Nurse

Dennis Haley – Electrician

Rick McCann, DMD – General Dentist

Hala McIver – La Merced Administrative Assistant, Entrepreneur

Mark McIver – Mechanical Engineer, General Contractor

Cheryl Nemazie – Professional Photographer

Christopher Pellegrino, MD – Plastic Surgeon

Christopher Pellegrino, Jr – High School Student

Julia Perrotta – High School Student

Nicholas Perrotta – College Student, Penn State University

Tina Perrotta – La Merced Administrator

Vincent Perrotta, MD – Plastic Surgeon

Magdalena Ramos – High School Student, Interpreter

Patricia Ramos, RN – ER & Surgical Nurse, Interpreter

Nancy Rodriguez-Weller, RPh – Pharmacist, Interpreter

Joseph Serpe – General Contractor

Patricia Serpe – Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur

Michael Traum – College Student, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Casey Weller – High School Student

Kristen Weller – College Student, Catholic University

Steven Woodward – College Student, University of Maryland

Sarah Yost – Bank Executive


2010 Medical Providers:

• Vincent Perrotta, MD
• Christopher Pellegrino, MD
• Richard McCann, DMD

• Dorianela Arguello-Costello, MD
• Armondo Siu, MD