Januray 4 – 12

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At the Mascota Hospital Doctors Perrotta and Pellegrino teamed up with Nicaraguan surgeons, Drs. Arguello and Siu, and treated children with congential deformities, ranging form cleft lip to syndactyly (fused finger). Dr. David Schalk and Christine Landis, CRNA, provided the anesthesia. In the Roberto Clemente Clinic, the plastic surgeons perfromed minor procedures on over 100 patients.

In the Roberto Clemente Cliic Dr. Righard MCann provided general dental services to over 120 patients.

This year Dr. Pasquale Petrera headed the orthopedic team. At the Roberto Calderon Hospital and with assistance from Kevin Mull, PA-C and Ryan Mault, Dr. Petrera performed 18 hip replacements. To make this possible, Stryker Corporation donated surgical supplies, epuipment, instrumentation and artificial hips, all totalling over $800,000! In the Roberto Clemente Clinic Karen Mull, PA-C treated over a hundred orthopedic patients.

La Merced team members visited homes of the very poor as well as the physical therapy clinic. We met with the Principal of the Marilac School in the hopes offering sponsors to some of their students in the future.


Our 2013 traveling team: 

Erika Anders – Student, Salisbury University

James Blackwell – Professional Linguist, Interpreter

Shirley Blackwell – Career Educator

Donnie D’Aquila – Student, Pharmacology, UMES; Respiratory Therapist

Veronique Diriker – Deirector of Develpment, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Jesse Gaul – Student, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Iris Gehring – Registered Nurse, Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Taylor Harrison – Transportation Coordinator

Scott Keidel – Student, High Point

Christine Landis – Certified, Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Richard McCann – Dentist, Salisbury, Maryland

Conner Mull – Student, Saint DeSales

Ryan Mault – Representative, Stryker Coorporation

Christopher Pellegrino – Plastic Surgeon, Salisbury, Maryland

Vincent Perrotta – Plastic Surgeon, Salisbury, Maryland

Pasquale Petrera – Orthopedic Surgeon, Salisbury, Maryland

Karen Mull – Physician Assistant – Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Kevin Mull – Physician Assistant – Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Cheryl Nemazie – Professional Photographer

Tina Perrotta – La Merced Executive Director

Mateo Petrera – Student, Vilanova University

Erin Royal – Student, University of Miami

David Schalk – Anesthesiologist, Salisbury, Maryland

Arlene Schneider – Executive, American Cancer Society

Michael Traum – Medical Student, University of Maryland