La Merced’s June 2014 Medical Mission

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The mission was a huge success.


Pastic Surgery

Our plastic surgery team performed corrective surgeries ranging from cleft lip repairs to releases of burn scar contractures of the hand. We also performed many minor procedures in the Roberto Clemente Clinic.


Orthopedic Surgery

Our two orthopedic teams performed 29 hip and knee replacements. This figure represents 40% of all the knee and hips replacements completed in the nation of Nicaragua annually! We must thank Stryker and Zimmer Corporations for donating over a million dollars of supplies and prostheses (artificial hip and knee joints).

In the Roberto Clemente Clinic, our nurse practitioner performed steroid injections to provide immediate relief to individuals with severely arthritic knees.



Also in the Clinic our dentist extracted many diseased teeth and filled cavities, which enabled individuals afflicted with debilitating dental caries to obtain normal, healthy nutrition.


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapist performed physical therapy on children with cerebral palsy and provided their parents with instructions on home programs. She did the same for adults with pain and/or dysfunction of the joints.


Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach team visited families in the barrio and the students of the Marilac School and provided the latter with toys and enough Texas Instruments calculators to supply an entire class of 30.

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Lastly, we held our first Salisbury-Managua Medical Developments Course, organized by Pasquale Petrera and Patricia Morales and sponsored by Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Medical Professionals earned 5 CMEs and all in attendance were enlightened by the following presentations:

  • Proper Antibiotic Selection in the Age of Super-bugs — Pasquale Petrera, MD
  • Appropriate Management of Hypertension for the Practitioner — Patricia Morales, FNP
  • Appropriate Surveillance and Treatment of VTE for the Practitioner — Donald D’Aqula, PharmD
  • Newest Developments in the Field of Plastic Surgical Breast Reconstruction — Vincent Perrotta, MD
  • Newest Developments in Adult Knee Reconstruction including Patient Specific Instrumentation, Computer Guided Surgery and the Anatomic Method of Total Knee Replacement — James Trauger, MD


Our 2014 traveling team:

James Blackwell – Professional Linguist, Interpreter

Shirley Blackwell – Career Educator

Kevin Cacela, Student, Penn State University

Jessica Connick — Student, Salisbury University

Donnie D’Aquila – Pharmacist, PRMC; Respiratory Therapist

Anna Davis — Student, Davidson College

Veronique Diriker – Deirector of Develpment, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Sylvie Foley — Senior Account Manager, Inteva Products

Michael Kostis — Student, Rutgers University

Christine Landis – Certified, Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Ryan Mault – Representative, Stryker Corporation

Ryan Mault – Representative, Stryker Corporation

Patricia Morales Ramos — Certified, Registered Nurse Practitioner

Cheryl Nemazie — Professional Photographer

Joseph Perrotta — Student, Grade School

Julia Perrotta — Student, Penn State University

Stephen Perrotta — Student, Grade School

Tina Perrotta — Executive, Nonprofit Organizations

Vincent Perrotta – Plastic Surgeon

Matteo Petrera — Student, Villanova University

Pasquale Petrera – Orthopedic Surgeon

Tina Perrotta – La Merced Executive Director

Mateo Petrera – Student, Vilanova University

Erin Royal – Student, University of Miami

Magdalena Ramos – Student, Interpreter

Patrick Smith — Surgical Technologist

David Schalk – Anesthesiologist

Cheryl Stetzer — Physical Therapist

Kraig Stetzer — Dentist

Lindsay Stetzer — Student, Junior High School

Jesse Tailby — Representative Zimmer Corporation

Chandler Trauger — Student, High School

James Trauer — Orthopedic Surgeon

Carolyn Wheatley — Student, Standford University

Katelyn Whitlock — Physician Assistant

Jonathan Winton — Student, Penn State University


Major Sponsors:

Stryker Corporation

Zimmer Biomet