2017 January


The January mission was one of new ventures and a continuation of past endeavors.

Medical Mission

Reconstructive Surgery

La Merced  launched its Breast Reconstructive Surgery Program to answer a desperate need:

Over the last several years, with very few exceptions, no breast reconstructive surgery had been available to the 400 indigent women who had undergone mastectomies for the treatment of breast cancer.  They were left without one or both breasts.  During the January mission, the La Merced Medical team performed breast reconstructions with breast implants, latissimus dorsi flaps, and TRAM flaps.  We are hoping this mission was just the beginning of an ongoing program.  It is our goal to make breast reconstruction available for the majority or all women in Nicaragua. Of course, we will need financial support to make this happen.


 breastCaAdvanced  This 42-year-old woman developed cancer in her left breast eleven months prior to the January mission.  She delayed her mastectomy because she was fearful of living without one of her breasts. Upon hearing of our visit, she decided to move forward. We performed mastectomy and immediate reconstruction for her.


 LargeBreastTumor  This 17-year-old woman developed a large tumor in her right breast eleven months prior to the January mission.  Her parents delayed her surgery out of fear that its removal would have left her with a horrible deformity.  Upon hearing of the mission, they agreed to schedule her surgery.  We removed the tumor and performed immediate reconstruction.



Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

The La Merced orthopedic surgery team performed corrective surgeries on patients with deformities and/or functional impairments due to poor healing of fractures treated months or years ago.  Although we have performed numerous joint replacement surgeries in the past down in Managua, Dr. Huber wanted to offer his expertise in treating patients with incapacitating orthopedic problems far more complex than those requiring joint replacement.


We are very grateful to Salisbury University which, under the leadership of Mary DiBartolo, afforded us nursing students, who provided invaluable assistance to both the plastic surgery and orthopedic teams.   In addition, Mary shared her expertise with alzheimer’s disease with the medical community there.


Physical therapy and Dental Medicine

In the Roberto Clemente Clinic, La Merced provided dental medicine, physical therapy and plastic surgery.



Community Outreach

Soccer Camp!




Under the leadership of Dominic DiBartolo, La Merced hosted a soccer camp for children of the barrio.  Dominick is here giving instruction to teenager.



Soccer Max




Max Huber makes preparation for the camp by inflating the balls, donated by friends of Salisbury.






Steve Perrotta takes a break with his new Nicaraguan friends and you’re, long-term one, Jerry Antonio.






New friends sit for a group photo




James Blackwell – interpreter

Shirley Blackwell – clinical operations

Lauren Cordier – clinical assistant

Dominic DiBartolo – administrative assistant

Mary DiBartolo – director of nursing

Alison Farmer – nursing student

Rebecca Hasz – administrative assistant

Florian Huber – orthopedic surgeon

Isabella Huber – clinical assistant

Katrin Huber – clinical assistant

Maximillian Huber – student

Kristen Murphy – nursing student

Christina Perrotta – team leader

Christopher Perrotta – clinical assistant

Joseph Perrotta – student

Julia Perrotta – director of clinic

Nick Perrotta – administrative assistant

Stephen Perrotta – student

Vincent Perrotta – plastic surgeon

Cheryl Stetzer – physical therapist

Kraig Stetzer – dentist

Lindsay Stetzer – student



Peninsula Regional Medical Center
Clint Mahle and Henry Schein Medical
MAP International
Sara Helms and LifeCell



Kim Messick
Tammy Carpenter
Linda Hasz
Eve Gaskell
Heather Martin