General Dentistry

Dentist 2 LM

We provide general dental services in the Roberto Clemente Clinic in Managua.   In our experience, the line for people in need of dental care never ends.  In most cases, this consists of pulling rotten teeth and filling cavities.

While these functions might seem very fundamental to the average American, they can be life changing in a developing country.  Just last year, one of our patients had 12 rotten teeth that were so loose and decayed that simply closing the mouth and approximating the upper row of  teeth to the lower row of teeth produced excruciating pain.   This pain caused this fifty-nine year old women to avoid eating.  At  five feet and two inches tall, she weighed only 85 pounds.   After our dentist removed all 12 of her rotten teeth, she rejoiced as she new she would be able to eat without pain and gain back her strength.

High school and college students attending the mission provide assistance to the dentist during these procedures.