Travel Abroad


Medical Mission
We welcome any physician or other type of provider who has the desire to serve.  Our job is to match a giving provider with the needs of the people.  Also, as the scope of our services expands, so will our need for additional supportive clinical and administrative staff.

Community Outreach
Every time we travel to Nicaragua, we find another way to help out the people there.  General Contracters can assist with infrastructure.  Teachers can assist with educaton and training.  Business people can teach personal or business finance.

All members of our team will have to take necessary precautions against ailments such as Typhoid Fever, Malaria and Dengue Fever and diarrhea.  Basically, this means an injection or two and some oral antibiotics. We walk all participants through this proceess.

Membership Agreement
Every individual attending one of our mission must comply with the standards and requirements of La-Merced and sign appropriate documentation of such.

We follow the “Prime Directive” often mentioned in episodes of Star Trek. We travel to Nicaragua to provide assistance and services, NOT to proselytize.

If you are interested in attending one of our missions, please let us know via email or call (410) 860-5581 and ask for Tina. .