Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


The government of Nicaragua provides universal healthcare to its citizens. However, due to economic difficulties, it lacks the necessary resources for the treatment of non-life threatening conditions, such as congenital and acquired deformities, ranging from cleft lips to burn scar contractors of the hands.  La Merced has been raising funds, procuring medical supplies and equipment,  and providing surgeons for corrections of these conditions.

La Merced plastic surgeons have worked in multiple sites, including hospitals and clinics in Managua and the countryside.  La Merced goes wherever the need exists.

In the hospitals, our surgeons team up with local Nicaraguan surgeons and enjoy a mutual exchange of approaches and techniques.  The setting tends to be one of the academic type.   Assisting with the surgeries have been Nicaraguan surgical residents and students of La Merced.

In the clinics, La Merced high school and college students as well as non-student La Merced team members process the patients and first assist the surgeons.